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KARMA YOGA: The meaning

It is generally accepted now that the main purpose of Bhagavad Gita is to induce people to action. Sri Krishna urges all to do their duty sincerely, as per existing laws and without attachment or expectation of results. Here the stress is on KARMA YOGA as the suitable path for advancement of mankind. What does Karma Yoga mean? KARMA : The word originated from the root "KRU" meaning do, work, etc. Karma thus means action or work, and not the popular meaning of "fate". There are two types of Karma- 1) Niskama Karma- work without attachment, which produces no bondage, and 2) Sakama Karma-all work done for some end result, which leads to bondage for the doer. The work may be to maintain your body, meet your official obligations, to upkeep your family, prayers & other religious activities, service to society or many other things. In Gita, the word Karma is used to denote all human activities.
YOGA: This is a much more confusing word. Yoga is generally understood as the…

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